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In 2008, Povlsen spent a total of £15.5 million on estates covering 27,400 acres at Braeroy near Fort William, nearby Tulloch and Lynaberack in the Cairngorms.

Sir Edwin Landseer's Monarch Of The Glen is famous the world over as an iconic image of the Highlands, so it is understandable that the National Galleries of Scotland should be fighting to save it for the nation and prevent it being sold to a foreign buyer.

More than that, the secretive rag-trade billionaire is also the proud possessor of a staggering £100 million of Highland property, the result of a stealthy campaign of acquisition that could soon make him the largest private landlord not just north of the Border, but of Britain.

The 44-year-old father-of-three was already the second-largest private landowner in Britain when, last month, he made yet another purchase – the 18,000-acre Eriboll estate in Sutherland for £7 million.

But while his plans for the Scottish countryside are hardly high-tech or flashy, they are certainly dramatic.

This year, Povlsen has not only bought the Eriboll estate, but spent £2 million on the 6,234-acre Polla estate near Durness as well as buying the 21,000-acre Strathmore estate near Altnaharra, Sutherland, for £6.45 million.

The accounts for his company, Wildland Limited, value his Scottish property empire at £100 million.The following year he added 24,000 acres at Ben Loyal for £6.9 million.In 2013, Povlsen bought the 20,000-acre Gaick estate in the Cairngorms from the French luxury goods heir Xavier Louis Vuitton for £2.17 million, and in 2015 he paid £15 million for the 17th Century Aldourie Castle on the shores of Loch Ness.We treat people well in the area and that's possibly why police organised a very effective rescue mission.'Danish author Soren Jacobsen explained that the experience forced the family to remove themselves from the public eye.Povlsen lives with his wife Anne, a former employee at Bestseller, and their three daughters Alma, Agnes and Astrid, at Constantinsborg, a former royal palace near Aarhus, Denmark's second city.Troels Povlsen said at the time: 'The gang thought he was my son.


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