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One thing that sticks out is, not just misrepresentation, but misrepresentation to the point that many of the members are fraudulently representing who they really are.Therefore, initial screening of anyone who makes contact is paramount or one might find themselves going on a few very disappointing dates.Just signed up with Po F and wish I hadn't bothered TBH, took ages to sift through all 100 questions which are totaly irrelevant and have nothing to do with whether or not any couple "hit it off". The only possible reason that they would make so many fields required to sign up is that they are selling information.

Dat way I get dates set up enough that I dont go crazy waiting, feel me?

Be smart and you can meet good people but if yall think its a few clicks and then love, its time to get real yo.

If you're looking for a good woman, you won't find them here.

My favorite is when they choose to meet you but then when you message them they just view your profile and don't respond.

I have found that the men on this site were in comparison to OKCUPID, much better.

As with any dating (FREE especially), you need to understand how to navigate the waters - so to speak.

The most common and evident misrepresentations among the female members of POF are the categories of weight, smoking, alcohol use and employment status (if completed). They even advise smokers to indicate that they are non-smoking if they are light smokers or are in that never-ending process of quitting. In 100 percent of the time, the social drinkers I went out with could put me under the table in record time often consuming four to six drinks in a couple of hours on a first date. In 100 percent of the time also, the women I first met significantly overstated their employment status and economic situation to the point that, if the meet-up turned into a relationship, she would have been totally financially dependant.

I found that the self description of weight was often understated by 50 to 80 lbs, where they stated that they had a few extra pounds yet were horribly obese. There are many good women on POF, but they seem to get lost with those who are so desperate for a man that they will say almost anything to get that first date! There is no reason that it is necessary for me to put my income range or my parents marital status or how many siblings I have is needed to complete a dating profile.

This looser makes fake accounts just to harrass me therefore he has also become a internet stalker.


  1. The above dating personal ads show only partial results.

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