Niall and demi dating

Demi Lovato for quite some time now and that they even Skype on occasion!

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We hope they will make their relationship official soon!

Age:18Name: Diana Location: London Twitter name: @justalittleawkward Bio- hey my names Diana! Whilst imprisoned, Harry meets Jamie who he becomes close to and then Zayn. Demi and Niall have been friends for a year but Niall wants more.

“Demi doesn’t like broadcasting it and Wilmer is respecting her wishes, but they are in love and have been and will be for quite a while, if not forever.

This is a major and important relationship for Demi.

------------------------------- Or the one where an really surprising friendship occurs between the famous Harry Styles and a fan who seems to be able to relate to Harry more than he knows and an awkward love triangle occurs between Harry, Diana, and Louis You never stop cutting. You can avoid the seductive call of the blade for six years but then one day, you see the steely glint of a silvery blade and your muscles tense and then you're back to where you were six years ago.

On his return to school he comes face to face with the child hood friend who betrayed him. He had waited for her to be ready to start dating again but now that she had told people she’s ready to let love back into her life, he knows he has to make his move now.Wilmer sent an emotional “Happy Birthday” message to the singer for the whole wide world to see on her 21st birthday!On August 20, Wilmer took to his Twitter page to express his affection and admiration for Demi. Rumors have been swirling about Demi and Wilmer’s secret love ever since they were spotted having a romantic dinner together in Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day.Of course, the dating rumors swirled but nothing materialized from the whole thing except some details that they would Skype each other. Fast forward to this week, however, and that little piece of history plays a big role in a story Demi told on about how she ghosted a guy, who turned out to be kind of a Skype stalker.Demi explained, "Sometimes people don't take the hint.This interlude comes about 10 weeks after Horan admitted he thought Lovato was a "cool" gal and that there had been "contact" between the music superstars. Aside from their dinner together, the evening was a success for both Niall and Demi.

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